Empowerment through Mindfulness and Creativity

Part Reflection

Part Creation & All Connection

A quiet, gentle safe space for you to go deep into yourself, your truth, your worth & the fierceness of who you are.

creative mindfullness

Empowerment through Mindfulness and Creativity for Women

What is a LifeStorm?

Be Accepted for Exactly who you are

But first you have to find her

Imagine feeling clear about your truth, your worth & your gifts. 

Envision being able to ride the waves of stress in life with grace & a PLAN

Let me guide you to some clarity through your LifeStorm…

Empowerment through Mindfulness and Creativity for Littles

Within every Child is the most precious bud of Self Identity

Foster it with loving care & watch their world bloom

Stress & the Child

Is managing your child’s anxiety about the future part of your parenting?

Is school overwhelming for your child?

Do they need more tools to access self-confidence & resilience? 

“A child’s fear is a world whose dark corners are quite unknown to grownup people. It has its sky and its abysses. A sky without stars, abysses which no light can penetrate.”  

– Julien Green

Lyme Disease to Artist to Mystical Guide

Lyme disease birthed the artist in me and gave me a new voice. See “My Story” for more.

It also birthed an intuitive, mystical sense in me that was always there, but was hidden.

Shame kept it buried. I was afraid to show the world that I was an inuitive.

But living our truth is paramount to living a happy life.


I am not this hair,
I am not this skin,
I am the soul that lives within?


What People Are Saying

The group session with Mariel left me feeling more grounded, connected, peaceful and comfortable on this uncharted journey in unprecedented times.  The session was a balm to my soul. This feeling stayed with me for a week and rolled right into the next session! She is incredibly insightful and ever so gently guides us with questions to help us find answers that are hiding within ourselves.  The opportunity she provides to connect with like minded, authentic, seeking women in a safe place fills my heart and soul.  I am filled with gratitude for this experience. 


Creative Mindfulness with Mariel is an oasis where one can gently and safely look inward. Through art with Mariel, a surprisingly self-revealing process occurs.


Mariel is wonderful at understanding kiddos and getting them to share all kinds of big and small feelings. Every week is a different subject based on a book they read together, she teaches them to sit and meditate for a few minutes and ties everything together with beautiful art projects. If ever you feel like your child could use a little time learning how to go inwards and recognizing their strengths; Mariel is amazing at guiding them through it all. Highly recommended!