How my story began

This original yoga artwork is born of a journey of healing. I reconnected with my spirit when I recently lost the ability to use my hands and fingers. By drawing circles, this led to yoga zendoodles and then to my art. Creative Mindfulness became my tool for reconnection with self.
It is my hope to be able to inspire others with health and life challenges through drawing inspiration from my art, my story, and my victories. Work with me to reconnect with your joy and Inner Truth through Creative Mindfulness. Rainbows bearing hidden gifts always follow the storms. Let me help you to find them.

Listen to My Story


This art and the healing that ensued as a result would not have been possible without the support and love of my loyal and precious-hearted furry friend, Katie (2008-2018), who tirelessly kept me company while I lived many days and nights in pain. She sat by my side, on my sore legs, or on my vibrating feet and grounded me as I rode out countless seizure events that took away my hand control. This next leg of my journey is without her physically by my side, yet she remains with me, and I dedicate this work to her, because she helped to birth it.


What People Are Saying

I was so touched by her story with Lyme and constant challenges to live as normal a life as one can muster (sic).  She is a true inspiration of resilience and generosity.  I feel blessed that she has crossed my path. DS


Mariel is a supportive and empowering. Working with her, you have the sense of a current which directs you for the smoothest and most empowering journey. Mariel focuses on supporting you to find your rainbow in any storm – now or in the past and her experience of her own storms and rainbows provides an authentic connection, acceptance and compassion with empowering outcomes.