Manifestation has many layers. In order to bring a desire into our lives in real form, we must …

  • Have an INTENTION-Know what it is we don’t want and what it is we want to call in
  • Embody CLARITY-Imagining with all of our senses as though it were already here
  • Have ALIGNMENT…where our entire being lines up with our desires. 

But, in order to manifest, we first must know ourselves.

I was on output for so many years, taking care of others, as a teacher and a single mother, a daughter with an Alzheimer’s laden Mom…running, and eventually running on empty. 

Being in that energy for so long made me lose connection to…

  • myself 
  • my needs
  • my truth…

So  much so that I no longer knew what made me feel good, what brought me joy, what brought me peace. 

I had drilled myself into the ground so deeply that I lost sight of my essence.  No doubt many of you can relate. 

Becoming Aligned

In order to call in a different way of living, in order to manifest the life I really wanted, I needed to first become aligned with myself. Then, and only then, could I be aligned with a new way of living. 

Start with Flow

How did that start for me? One word….FLOW. I spent a few minutes every day remembering what used to make me feel good, what used to make the world go away, what used to make time stop. In my case it was creating. I began to pick up a pen and doodle, the way I used to in staff meetings at school. Just a few minutes a day of playing gentle music, doodling in a little corner of my basement just for me. The doodling became a way to cope with the sense of energy drain I was living every day. I began to imagine an art space where I could create more, where I could host women and show them the power of FLOW.

Connecting to myself, realizing and feeling into what brought calm, made me in ALIGNMENT with a new way of living. My understanding of myself, my allowing and honouring her to play every day for a few minutes in ways that felt good…allowed the images of a new life to start playing in my mind. Imaginings bring changes in behavior, which brings manifestation.

Alignment with a Dream

And now… how is my life different? Because I was in ALIGNMENT with my dream, I now have a beautiful art studio at home, I develop courses for women that allow them to find FLOW, and I share the magic of how we can call in the life of our dreams. 

Being on output constantly shifted to periods of calm, pockets of peace, periods of honouring myself, and a whole new way of living. 

It is possible to transform our lives. But, ALIGNMENT is a key step. How can you honour yourself and remember what brought you peace?

Intention, Clarity, Alignment…Read the next step: Navigation

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