Forward Vision

Do you ever get a niggling that you would like your life to be different?

Apart from what’s happening in the world, do you ever wish for a change, for growth, for a richer experience going forward?

Long ago when I taught school, at first I was convinced I was in my forever career, the one that would take me to my retirement. 

I loved what I did- the kiddos, the parents, the teaching, the mental stimulation, the aha experiences in the students. But after a while, after being on output for so long and taking care of everyone else to the detriment of myself, something started to shift. 

My heart started to speak to me…

When I had become a Mama and then a single Mama and a daughter of an Alzheimers-laden Mom, my heart started to speak to me. First in little nudges and then in imaginings. I realized that I wanted something different. I dearly wanted to work from home. 

I didn’t know how that would happen, but a vision started to rise in my consciousness…I kept seeing a forest. I kept seeing a desk by a forest. I kept seeing myself writing, overlooking this magical, mystical forest. And it made no sense because my house didn’t have a forest. 

But I would lie in bed at night and imagine- how it would feel to work from home, how it would feel to have a view of a forest as a calming presence. I felt into it as though it were already true. I transported myself there in my mind.

And then I remembered…

Flash forward a dozen years or so, and I was writing at my desk in my present home recently, a different home than the one I was in way back then… and I remembered that vision. Only now…as if my magic…my desk overlooks…the forest in my backyard. Just like the one I used to envision so long ago. 

So…when you get the nudges from your heart,

feel into them,

allow them to play like a movie in your mind.

Feel into them as though they were already true,

let your heart carry them.

Forward vision is a powerful manifesting force. It’s a wonderful tool, most especially when we are living in a world like we are now. Allow yourself to imagine, to dream…and wait…for the magic. 

Discover the power of LOOKING BACK next.

I’d love to hear from you.

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