When sailors navigated long ago, they set course and then followed their compass and the signposts along the way. They carried an understanding that they were headed in the direction of their destination. They rarely had doubt that the course they chose was the wrong one.

The same is true with manifestation… there is no wrong road. We can’t make a mistake. Truly. Read on…

Every Choice we Make

Every choice we make leads us to the next signpost, the next lesson. We may feel we take a wrong turn, but in fact we may just take longer to get where we need to go…not always where we want to go, but where we need to go. Eventually, the lessons we are meant to learn show up in their own way. 

So how do we navigate toward the way we want to be living? How can we make sure we are following our inner compass which is guiding us to where we want to go? 

4 ways…

1- ACT... as though what you want has already arrived. The power of belief is unsurpassed. Belief brings feeling which brings action which brings manifestation. So daydream, feel into that version of your life and let yourself imagine it to be true. 

2- LISTEN… to your body. You know that deep feeling, that spidey-sense that tells you about the choice you are about to make? Our bodies are compasses and remind us when we are following or going against our truth. 

There is a difference between anxiety and your body telling you that something doesn’t fit. Anxiety revs fast and high in our bodies, usually causing overthinking and a racing, monkey brain. Signals from your intuition are sometimes an entire body experience like a tingle, but they are always slower than anxiety, and come from a deeper place. Your body will tell you if something resonates with you. Listen to that wonderful inner compass you carry, and trust it.

3-ASK…The universe is on our side. If we pay attention there are signposts, people, experiences that guide us to where we want to go. I can remember when I was looking for a new teaching position, one that would be closer to home and reduce my two hour a day commute time. I would lay in bed and ask for guidance…ask to be shown actions I could take to allow a new teaching job to enter my life. Soon thereafter, a good friend asked me to come with her to an open house for a local high school to help her decide if it was the right fit for her son’s learning needs. The night of the open house it was cold and rainy and I wanted to cancel. But I knew my friend needed me. I also felt, deep inside, that this would be an important visit and one I shouldn’t miss. 

During the tour of the school, I met one of my former colleagues who was teaching at the school and said how thrilled I was that she could help my friend’s son. And she said, “Here’s the thing. I am being called to work at the school board and they can’t find anyone to replace me.” At first I missed what she said, but then my body responded with a deep sense of knowing. I put a cover letter together later that evening, polished my cv and sent it off. Within three days I had an interview and was offered a position as head of the school’s resource department. It was within walking distance of my home. 

I asked for guidance and was then led to go to the open house that night rather than stay home. 

I asked, I followed the signposts and I was navigated toward the life I wanted to be living. When you lie in bed at night, ask for help to find your way, ask for clear guidance from the universe, and it will not be withheld from you.

4-ALLOW… And finally, ask yourself what fears or limiting beliefs might be in the way of your dream life. When I applied for the teaching job, I was afraid of the possible change. I had been at the school where I was teaching for twenty years. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to learn a whole new school, deal with new protocol, meet a whole new staff. But I walked through that fear, allowing myself to feel it but then reminding myself of what I was capable of. I could handle a new position, and in the end, it was a refreshing change. Challenging, yes, but full of joy and growth. Once we remove the blocks in our way, we allow the universe to guide us, navigate us toward the life we want to be living .

Intention, Clarity, Alignment….& NAVIGATION- the next step in manifesting the life of your dreams.
Read on to Forward Vision.

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