Has a LifeStorm derailed you?

Has a LifeStorm derailed you and caused a sense of loss- the loss of a way of living, of a person, of a job, a pet, a relationship…have you lost your way, your sense of direction for your life, have you lost the connection to yourself and the truth of who you are? ⠀

➡️ But in the center of the LifeStorm 🌪️ is the GAP, the eye of the LifeStorm, and in there lies magic! ⠀

This 4 part series shows you the way through.

What is a LifeStorm Part 1

My Greatest LifeStorm

The eye of a LifeStorm I call the GAP, where we spin, confused, overthinking, perhaps even panicking that our life has been so derailed. ⠀

A LifeStorm can be from any loss-of relationship, of a pet, of a job, of a way of living as we are experiencing now in the world, anything that makes us feel out of control. Our life feels unfamiliar and so vastly different from the way it felt when we lost our way, before life threw us off track.

  • My greatest LifeStorm 🌪️ was when Lyme Disease went to the brain, and it forced me to find a way to get my hands back. I discovered that FLOW was magic- it calmed my system down, bathed my body in feel-good chemicals and allowed my truth to rise. ⠀⠀
  • So in the eye of the LIfeStorm, in the GAP, if we pause, then magic starts to happen… if we can find a way to go into FLOW- which is anything that allows our brains to relax and the world to go away, time to stop and hours feel like minutes. For me it was drawing.⠀
What is a LifeStorm Part 2

Finding the Gap

Picture me on my couch, in unbelievable pain when Lyme Disease colonized my body, causing terrible joint pain and making me sleep 16 hours a day and crawl up stairs like a toddler. Picture my teaching career completely derailed. Picture me not recognizing the life I was living?

Sound familiar? We have all been hit my derailments I call LifeStorms,  that cause us to feel out of control and unable to find our way. We are living one in the world right now.

But in the eye of the LifeStorm I call the Gap, magic can be found if we pause and go into Flow. When I lost my hand control after Lyme hit the brain, I picked up a pen and drew circles over and over until the circles became my art.

I had found a magical way to gain a sense of control over my body, and magically, while I was absorbed in Flow, my truth began to rise. And I was able to develop a modality called Creative Mindfulness- part inquiry, par tapping into our truth through guided meditation, a simple creation that allows our truth to rise, and practical strategies to take back into life to make lasting change…to reach the life we want to be living, so people, places and experiences match our worth and our truth, and we wake up each morning excited about the day to come.

The life you want to be living is a finger’s grasp away. I developed an amazing program called I CAN FLY... From I-Intention to Y- Your New Way of Living. I am so excited to bring it into the world and help you to make lasting, positive changes to your life.

What is a LifeStyle Part 3

How Creative Mindfulness was Born

 I developed Creative Mindfulness to help others to gain a sense of clarity and control after derailment. And then one day, sitting my the forest a program came tumbling out of me… called I CAN FLY…and it started with me on the couch, crying and wishing my life were different, to now, having accessed that very different life.
🌈 Imagine consciously choosing and manifesting the absolute best version of the life you want to live? Imagine having the power to create that life, step-by-step?
The I CAN FLY program of Creative Mindfulness will give you the opportunity to do just that- with 7 different sessions from…
⭐ Intention -of the life you want to be living based on your truth
⭐ Clarity of what you deserve and want to call in
⭐ Alignment with that truth based on your worth and your inherent gifts
⭐Navigation toward that intended new way of living by planting the seeds of change in your life
⭐ Forward Vision of exactly how you want to feel and therefore how you want to live
⭐ Looking Back on your life and the lessons gained so you can let go of old patterns and design new and better ways of walking the planet- that match your truth and your worth
Which leads to….
⭐ Your New Way of Living- a life by design, based on your deepest truth, your worth, your wishes, desires and hopes, your own rainbow!

The I CAN FLY program- 7 sessions of Creative Mindfulness- will allow you to, step by step, tap into that deep part of yourself that knows who you are, what you want and what you deserve, and with intention and clarity, align yourself toward the life of your own design.

I’d love to hear from you.

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