Meditate with Mariel

Guided meditation is a delicious way to calm the nervous system and release stress chemicals.


Pockets of Calm in a Chaotic World

Our systems are set up with internal alarms. These alarms go off when a threat is perceived. Problem is that our society lives in such an air of constant tension, that our poor alarm systems don?t know how to shut down and are sounding the alarm often. This alarm causes the nervous system to activate, stress chemicals to flow, blood pressure to rise, and the overthinking part of the brain to go into hyperdrive. Basically, we have trouble turning off the alarm.

Take home your very own ?pocket of calm? in these downloadable meditations (MP3 and PDF, so you can listen or read) .

Grounding & Connection Meditation (MP3, PDF and a colouring page to enjoy as you listen)


Honouring Self Meditation (MP3, PDF & a colouring page to enjoy as you listen)


The Power of Play (MP3, PDF & a colouring page to enjoy as you listen)




Meditations with Mariel is a cherished safe space, a balm to my soul…afterwards I feel grounded, free, lighter, peaceful and connected.

Mediations with Mariel help with my feelings of anxiety and difficulty with focus. It brings some peace and gives me tools to deal with these feelings.