Clarity – Creative Capsule

So often as women, we can feel that we take care of the needs of others ahead of our own.

When we are on “output” for long periods of time, it can leave us feeling…

-Disconnected from our own needs

-Muddled about the difference between other people’s energy & our own.

-Confused, foggy or unclear about what it is we really want. We just know that some of what we are experiencing is not what we want for ourselves.

-That we are connecting our self-worth with how we please other people.


Join me for a mini course, a “Creative Capsule”-Empowerment through Mindfulness and Creativity.

CLARITY-Getting clear on the life you desire & deserve

Here’s what you’ll get...

-An Art journal (PDF)

-A downloadable meditation (PDF, MP3 and MP4)

-A recorded video lesson (approx 1hr) for you to play at your own pace ( It’s like taking a little piece of me home with you that you can play anytime)

Imagine getting closer and closer to your best life…

It’s about reminding yourself of your worth.

It’s about dreaming

It’s about manifesting

It’s about building a talisman of memory so you can come back to the vision of what you desire 

It’s about allowing yourself to dream without judgment

Let me guide you to find your CLARITY toward the life you want to be living. It’s within your grasp. I’m living proof.


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