A Rainbow of Feelings

A Creative Mindfulness experience about feelings.

A Self-led Retreat

We all have a rainbow of feelings. Some feelings are wonderful like happiness and calm, but other feelings are difficult like sadness and anger.

– Imagine seeing  each feeling as a color like colors of the rainbow!

– Come and enjoy a Self – Led Retreat where I will teach how to express and process feelings, through the fun of Creative Mindfulness.

Come and enjoy a Self-led Retreat where I will teach you how to
through the FUN of Creative Mindfulness.
Creative mindfulness for kids

What you get:

  • A story reading video of The Color Monster by Anna Llenas
  • A downloadable grounding meditation (learn about how the magic potion of the earth’s lava can transform your feelings)
  • A video where I walk you through making your very own Rainbow of Feelings Pop Up Book and Art Journal. You can use the journal to keep track of your feelings and how they can be transformed through breath like we did in the meditation.
Discover your feelings with the color monster
The Color Monster by Anna Llenas,

Published 2012 Sterling Children’s Books

** I do not own any rights to this book. Sharing out of the joy of reading.