INTENTION or the power of intentional living. I haven’t been sleeping very well. I don’t quite know why…the energy in the world, I’m not sure. I’ve been averaging about four hours a night lately so when that happens everything feels bigger. Things I think I need to do in my life feel bigger. 

When I’m trying to solve a problem, when I’m trying to manifest something I can try too hard by thinking long and hard about it….

  • Overthinking just blocks manifesting.

But when I relax my brain and I do something that I love that brings me into a flow state…

  • the judgment part of my brain falls away,
  • that part of my brain that overthinks 
  • The part that tries to tell me that I can’t 

Another part of my brain, the creative part, once it’s in flow…

  •  calms down
  • helps feel good chemicals to flow 

But it starts with asking myself how I want to be feeling = INTENTION

  • I want to feel grounded 
  • I want to feel present 
  • I want to feel peaceful 
  • I want to feel clear 

INTENTION…Then I ask myself….what makes me feel grounded?

  • picking up my art supplies 
  • sitting quietly and remembering that flow feeling in my body (I call it THE HUM).

When I let myself relax into flow then…

  • My intention of feeling grounded starts to arrive
  • The problems that were rolling in my head earlier grow quiet
  • I am not consciously trying to manifesting a solution and yet ideas just easily arrive

It all begins with INTENTION…how do we want to be feeling?

  •  which leads to thoughts 
  • which we leads to action 
  • which leads to bringing the life you want to be living closer to you 

Stay tuned lots of other awesome ways to manifest the life you want to be living…

INTENTION…Ask yourself…how do you want to feel today? 

See if you can connect to an action that makes you feel the way you want to be feeling and watch the magic start to roll.

Read the next step: Clarity & manifestation

I’d love to hear from you.

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