Welcome to the first step in connecting to & living your truth!

I am so excited & honoured to be your guide.

The Winds of Change

An Experience in Reconnection with Self

Recalibrating & Reorienting Your Fears

Has the state of the world caused you anxiety?

Are you feeling the fear of uncertainty?

Do you want a chance to experience the Inner Peace that we all have deep inside?

Would you like to learn how to change those fears into empowered feelings?

Come and Enjoy a FREE Creative Mindfulness Session called: The Winds of Change

Connect with your Truth and your Worth. Learn to recalibrate fears into feelings of joy and peace

What you get:

1) A Meditation (MP3 & PDF)

2) An Art Journal

3) A Video of me guiding your through the process of Creative Mindfulness using your Art Journal

4) BONUS- Inspirational Cards to Colour

Winds of Change




Creative Mindfulness with Mariel is an oasis where one can gently and safely look inward. Through art with Mariel, a surprisingly self-revealing process occurs.? -BM

The way Mariel mentors and teaches opens a pathway to the soul of the child, with lasting effects. Whether she does art with the child or tutoring in a specific subject, the way she does it has the same effect on the soul. -M