Let Me be your Guide

To Rediscover your Truth

      and your Voice

Empowerment through Mindfulness and Creativity for Women

Empowerment through Mindfulness and Creativity for Women

What is a LifeStorm?

H ave you lost you way?

A re you wanting to come back to yourself?

Vitality & self-acceptance can be yours

E mpowered & respected can be your new way of living

Now…let me guide you through a process of finding & living your truth…

I am a HAVEN of safety, a net of non-judgment & an intuitive, mystical soul who can help you to find the clarity & confidence to live a life of worthiness & joy.

Helping Women. Let me be your Guide…  your SAFE HAVEN

  • To help you access that better life that you so desire & are worthy of…

  • To find your own epiphanies…

  • To empower you to see your fierceness & worthiness…

  • To let you see inner strengths that you don’t yet see in yourself…

To help you to see connections that can change the way you walk the planet…

Imagine living your truth and feeling your spirit light up at the dawning of each new day….

“adversity can open a channel to a better life…”  


Are You ready to Honour youself

And start living a life of truth & joy?


What People Are Saying

If you have the chance to work with Mariel, gift yourself this amazing experience! She is a masterful guide full of passion, wisdom and insight. During our session she helped me peel away the surface layers of my issues and get to the heart of what I wanted/needed to know. By the end of our work together , Mariel had helped me to craft clear, concise action steps to keep me motivated, on target and sane. I can’t recommend Mariel enough, her knowledge and wisdom coupled with her fantastic interpretive skills make for a phenomenal experience . 


I felt completely at ease to be completely myself without judgment with Laurie, which gave me permission to accept myself. Creative Mindfulness allowed me to connect with my Inner Being, my spirit and had the greatest effect of life change than any other activity I did in my healing journey. It allowed me to find my inner wounds, gave me an understanding of where the inner blocks were and how to heal them. It gave me the opportunity  to rediscover who I am and what I want for myself.