Women’s Sanctuary Circles

A Creative Mindfulness experience for women.

A Live Retreat

A non-judgmental, safe place, where we will hold space for each other…a space to feel understood and honoured for who you are.

The synergy of like-minded women is transformative. Most especially during the times in which we are living, having a space to share, be heard and feel seen is like medicine for the spirit.

The over- riding focus of all Women?s Circles is ?Connection.?

?Simple Sacred Rituals?-?to Ignite Hope and Positivity

Ritual is a repetitive, sacred, calming experience that grounds us. Ritual can be as simple as having a bath each evening or as involved as a ceremony.

?Simple Sacred Rituals? will be a series of powerful experiences that are calming and nurturing. You won?t be asked to howl at the moon but by all means do so if you so choose.

Long ago, people gathered in ritual. I am bringing back this power of connection among a tribe of like- minded women through this experience of ritual.

Come and ignite your sense of positivity, learn to connect to your feelings of hope. Find the sense of peace you have inside and bring it home with you.

We will share the following Simple Sacred Rituals around a Fire Circle by the forest….

-Candle lighting to Share Each Other?s Light & Open the Circle- with inspirational passages to open the circle and connect with each other
-Intention setting – you will be guided to dig deep and connect to the feelings you would like to bring home with you
-Meditation in the Mystical Forest at Laurie?s house- be transformed by the powerful energy of the forest and connect to your sense of hope
-Journaling- I have created prompts to continue to ignite hope. I will walk you through one and you will have more to take home.
-Creative Piece- Embellish your Journal with art supplies I provide and natural elements (or take some supplies home and finish the embellishing later on and come and relax by the fire)
-Closing of the Circle

Bring a friend if you like. Share the magic of Simple Sacred Rituals

Women’s Circle August 6th, 2020 7-9 pm – In person

This Month’s Theme

  • ?Simple Sacred Rituals?-?to Ignite Hope and Positivity
  • By the forest in Laurie?s backyard in St Lazare.(Rain date to be determined)

Thurs Aug 6- 7-9pm
Spaces are limited
Cost- $ 40.00



(The Women?s Circle) is essential? for maintaining the emotional and spiritual connection with a positive and uplifting circle of supportive women under Laurie’s empathetic leadership.?

For me our zoom calls are about connection, validation that I am not alone in my feelings of anxiety and difficulty with focus. The art work brings some peace and gives me tools to deal with these feelings. LGC

Sharing and connection in a safe environment with like minded friends who understand and are non-judgmental.? This has been so important during these times ?KS


Zoom calls with Laurie is a cherished safe space, a balm to my soul…afterwards I feel grounded, free, lighter, peaceful and connected. ???


The group session with Mariel left me feeling more grounded, connected, peaceful and comfortable on this uncharted journey in unprecedented times.? The session was a balm to my soul. This feeling stayed with me for a week and rolled right into the next session! She is incredibly insightful and ever so gently guides us with questions to help us find answers that are hiding within ourselves.? The opportunity she provides to connect with like minded, authentic, seeking women in a safe place fills my heart and soul.? I am filled with gratitude for this experience.