When You Wish Things were Different

In this world-wide LifeStorm we are in, no doubt there are times you wish things were different. You have learned to make the best of a difficult time, but your brain takes you to places, ways of being that are more appealing.

I felt the same way at the height of my LifeStorm of Lyme Disease, when my teaching career had ended, my body wasn’t listening to me, I slept over 12 hours a day, my limbs hurt incessantly, and I had such brain fog that stringing a sentence together was daunting. I absolutely wished that things were different, that I could wield a magic wand and make my life the way I wanted it to be. 

The Bigger Picture

Yet, I didn’t realize the bigger picture. I didn’t understand at the time that drawing to get my hand control back when Lyme hit the brain and caused seizure activity was putting me on a trajectory to a whole new life. I didn’t put together that when I would sit and daydream about the life I wanted to create, making it as tangible as possible, playing it like a movie in my mind…feeling the peace I wanted to feel, my body calm and centered, that the life I wanted to be living was coming closer and closer.

I knew very little about manifestation at that point. But now, looking back, I realize that is precisely what I was doing. I was calling in the life I wanted to be living. I was pulling the details of that life closer and closer to me. And it was once I was living that life-of peace, of grounded grace, of joy, of flow, that I had imagined in the depths of my LifeStorm of darkness that there were clear steps I was taking to get here.

Imagine consciously choosing and manifesting the absolute best version of the life you want to live? Imagine having the power to create that life, step-by-step? 

It starts with…

INTENTION -Realizing that you want to feel differently 


CLARITY- of what you deserve and want to call in, seeing it like a movie in your mind


ALIGNMENT- with that truth based on your worth and your inherent gifts you bring to the world


NAVIGATION- toward that intended new way of living by planting the seeds of change in your life 

leading to…

FORWARD VISION- of exactly what you want to experience, and in what form and therefore how you want to live


LOOKING BACK- on your life and the lessons gained so you can let go of old patterns and s and design new and better ways of walking the planet- that match your truth and your worth

which leads you to…

YOUR NEW WAY OF LIVING- a life by design, based on your deepest truth, your worth, your wishes, desires and hopes, your own rainbow after your LifeStorm! 

We are all perfectly imperfect and enough just for being who we are. Deep inside yourself is a joy, a peace and a light that is always waiting, ready and willing to envelope us in the love we all deserve. 

You are deserving of the life of your greatest imagination. You are deserving of all the joys in the world that life can bring to you. 

Start daydreaming, start imagining, start calling in that life, and walk toward…A NEW WAY OF LIVING.

I’d love to hear from you.

Add to the comments below... .Mariel

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